What goes where and when?

Okay, do we need to be told we aren’t getting it right again, isn’t it enough that we are applying skincare products in the first place and that should be sufficient?
So, this isn’t about telling you you are doing it wrong or checking in to give you a high five because you got it right, this is about making sure you get the best out of your skincare routine, and you don’t waste your money.

You invest time and money into your skincare, and you should get the best result possible, so let talk about the order you apply your skincare products.

Nighttime routine.
Let’s start with cleansing, double cleanse or not? If you have a good cleanser, then there is no need to double cleanse. The only reason to double cleanse is if you have heavy makeup thank needs removing.

Once or twice a week, depending on how your skin feels, polish your skin with an exfoliator. The product you can use for this step is an AHA mask or a face polish/scrub.

Time for the toner, tonners helps to restore the pH balance in your skin, refining pores and giving your skin a deep drink.

Another once or twice a week is to apply a mask, this could be for deeper hydration or to energise your collagen production.

Serums are the next step in your routine, and depending on what you are targeting for your skincare needs; serums are the concentrated boost, your skin will absorb deeper into the lower layers of your skin.

The next step is if you are treating any skin issues such as acne or pigmentation. Applying these treatments will allow the targeted area to absorb the treatment before you put your heavier moisturiser on.

Time to softly dab your eye treatment around your eye area, helping to treat the delicate thin skin with the correct product.

Night moisturiser is the next step; this product will not only provide deep moisture but will also lock in the treatment you have already applied to your face.

A neck treatment is the next recommended step; many people avoid this step only to find as they age their delicate neck skin ends up ageing their look a lot faster than the skin on their face.

Your final step, a glass of water, internal skincare, is as important as external.

Daytime routine.
Your daytime routine is about locking in moisture and protection from the environment.

Cleanse, no need to double cleanse here; it’s just about preparing your skin to absorb the treatment products.

Next is your treatment, use a serum or oil to help boost and revitalise your skin.

The next step is a moisturiser; this will lock in your moisture and provide a barrier to protect your skin from the environment.

The final step is a good sunblock; you can use a tinted or mineral-based sunscreen.

If you follow these steps, then your product will be absorbed correctly, avoiding wasted products and your skin will gain the treatment you desire.

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